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One-To-One Subsidy Program

Details of donation schemes


It is the hope of CEA to obtain stable resources to support the education of needy students in China, offering them a life-changing opportunity. In the meantime, donors are encouraged to keep up correspondence with students so as to give them love and encouragement, witness students’ personal growth and monitor the use of the funding.

Connections between donors and students:

Donations and correspondence are used to build up the connections between donors and students. After joining the scheme, donors will receive a student profile and regular newsletters from CEA. We sincerely hope that by giving a helping hand to deprived students, donors can live their life to the fullest, realising the spirit of ‘life enlightens life’.

Target of the subsidization:

CEA is subsidizing high school students in Jianhe County, Guizhou Province.

Tuition fee of high school education:

Schools of subsidized students:
(1) Jianhe Minzu High School
(2) Jianhe No.2 High School

(A) One-off donation:
Three-year tuition fee: HKD $14,100 (B) Three-year donation:
Tuition fee per year: HKD $4,700
In order to ensure that the students can complete the three-year high school studies, we sincerely invite donors to subsidize the whole amount of the three-year tuition fee.
*Note: The amount of donation for the two subsidized schools under One-to-one Subsidy Programme are uniform. If there is difference between the tuition fees of the two schools, the remaining donation will be completely used to subsidize the tuition fee of students.

Donation Methods

1. Bank Transfer
Please make a direct deposit into HSBC account: 808-066609-838, and mail the original bank receipt together with the completed Donation Form of ‘One-to-one Subsidy Programme’ to our address: China Education Association HKUSU, The University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong

2. Crossed Cheque
Please mail the completed Donation Form of ‘One-to-one Subsidy Programme’ and a crossed cheque payable to “China Education Associatioin, HKUSU” to our address: China Education Association HKUSU, The University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong
*Donations of HKD100 of above are tax-deductible in HK with our receipts.

Criteria for Subsidies

Students' Academic Performance
The academic results of the subsidized junior secondary students should be good enough to be promoted to senior secondary schools. At the end of each academic year, their academic results are re-examined. We will encourage donors to continuously subsidize students who are qualified to further their studies at senior secondary schools.

Financial Situation
Students are qualified to be subsidized if the total income of their families after deduction of expenditure is less than education fees.

Students’ and their Family members’ wish for Education
In order to ensure the enthusiasm of students and the supportive attitude towards education of their parents, students’ and their family members’ wish for education is one of our consideration factors.

Monitoring Our Fund

All the fund raised will be transferred to the “China Education Development Fund, China Education Association, HKUSU”. The Fund is supervised and managed by the Fund Management Committee, which comprises three CEA executive committee members and two honorable representatives of the community - Mr. Gilbert Mo Sik Keung, Deputy Law Draftsman, Law Drafting Division of the Department of Justice, and Mr. Ip Kin Yuen, Former Principal of HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity.

The monetary subsidy is directly remitted to subsidized students’ schools. In order to ensure the proper use of donations, students’ admission documents and subsidy receipts are collected before subsidization.

In addition, we organizes trips to subsidizing region yearly so as to visit the subsidized students and to make contact with the schools there. Through the above process, we confirm the list of students to be subsidized and monitor the cash flow of the Fund.
Moreover, our annual financial report is audited by a professional auditor, and published in our annual journal and website.

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